Solitaire Games Rules

There are a couple of good sources of rules for solitaire games.

First, there is the rules to the games in my Pretty Good Solitaire game. These include all the games I have invented plus classic games.

pgs  For rules to over 900 different solitaire games, see the Pretty Good Solitaire help file.

Another source is the Solitaire Central Rulebook, which has many games from other sources.

solrules Solitaire Central Rules Site

Below is a selection of rules of some classic games and some of the most popular games that I invented.

Rules to Classic Games

Klondike Solitaire
The standard 7 pile solitaire game

FreeCell Solitaire
The game that can nearly always be won

Spider Solitaire
The difficult but addicting game

Golf Solitaire
The build up or down game

Pyramid Solitaire
Add pairs to 13

Eight Off Solitaire
Eight Off
The FreeCell variation

Cruel Solitaire
The popular game

Yukon Solitaire
Move groups of cards

Scorpion Solitaire
Play the Spider variant

Canfield Solitaire
Play the demon game

Baker's Dozen Solitaire
Baker's Dozen
Play the 1 deck strategy game

Busy Aces Solitaire
Busy Aces
Play the simple
Forty Thieves variant

Sea Towers Solitaire
Sea Towers
Also known as SeaHaven Towers

Gaps (Montana) Solitaire
Arrange four rows of cards

Forty Thieves Solitaire
Forty Thieves
Play the classic 2 deck game

Double Klondike Solitaire
Double Klondike
Play the 2 deck Klondike game

Penguin Solitaire
Play the FreeCell/Eight Off variation

Spiderette Solitaire
Play the 1 deck Spider variation

Aces Up Solitaire
Aces Up
Remove lower ranked cards

Beleaguered Castle Solitaire
Beleaguered Castle
Play the open strategy game

EastHaven Solitaire
Play the classic one deck game

Interchange Solitaire
Play the hard 2 deck game

La Belle Lucie Solitaire
La Belle Lucie
Play the classic fan type game

Rouge et Noir Solitaire
Rouge et Noir
A Spider type game of strategy

Auld Lang Syne Solitaire
Auld Lang Syne
Play the simple but hard to win game

Fourteen Out Solitaire
Fourteen Out
Add cards to 14

Osmosis Solitaire
Play rank by rank

Russian Solitaire
Russian Solitaire
Play the Yukon variation

Agnes Bernauer Solitaire
Agnes Bernauer
Play the Klondike variation

Virginia Reel Solitaire
Virginia Reel
Play rows from 2,3, and 4s

Baker's Game Solitaire
Baker's Game
Play the FreeCell variation

Australian Patience Solitaire
Australian Patience
Play the Klondike/Yukon variation

Vertical Solitaire
Play the simple matching game

Acquaintance Solitaire
Play the Auld Lang Syne variation

Three Shuffles and a Draw 										Solitaire
Three Shuffles and a Draw
Play the La Belle Lucie variation

Alaska Solitaire
Play the Yukon variation

Thirteens Solitaire
Play the easy addition game

Black Hole Solitaire
Black Hole
Build on the Black Hole

Terrace Solitaire
Also known as Queen of Italy

Josephine Solitaire
Play the Forty Thieves variation

Rank and File Solitaire
Rank and File
Play the Forty Thieves variation

Diavolo Solitaire
Play the Rouge et Noir variation

Storehouse Solitaire
Play the Canfield variation

Monte Carlo Solitaire
Monte Carlo
Play the matching game

King Albert Solitaire
King Albert
Play the challenging game

Mrs Mop Solitaire
Mrs Mop
Play the Spider variation

Zerline Solitaire
Play the Beleaguered Castle variation

Moving Left Solitaire
Moving Left
Play the unique Klondike variation

Rules to Games invented by Thomas Warfield

Aces and Kings Solitaire
Aces and Kings
The challenging 2 deck game

Demons and Thieves 	Solitaire
Demons and Thieves
Play the double tableau game

Three's Company Solitaire
Three's Company
Play the Busy Aces variation

Triple Klondike Solitaire
Triple Klondike
Three deck Klondike version

Lady Jane Solitaire
Lady Jane
Play the Klondike variation

Antares Solitaire
Play the FreeCell/Scorpion cross

Tarantella Solitaire
An original game

Gold Rush Solitaire
Gold Rush
An original Klondike variation

Agnes Three Solitaire
Agnes Three
An Agnes Bernauer variation

Apophis Solitaire
Play the Pyramid variation

Family Plot Solitaire
Family Plot
Play the challenging variation of The Plot

Alliance Solitaire
Play the Matrimony variation

FreeCell Duplex Solitaire
FreeCell Duplex
Play the FreeCell variation