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Common Questions:

Q: What is the name of the standard solitaire game with 7 piles (the one that comes with Windows)?

A: This is the game Klondike.

Q: Is every game of FreeCell winnable?

A: No, there are a very few games of FreeCell that cannot be won. An example in the Microsoft Freecell game that comes with Windows is game #11982. For more about FreeCell, see the FreeCell Information Site.

Q: I am looking to download a game that is referred to as 'Tuts Tomb'. I don't know if that is the actual name of it or not. All of the cards are set in an upside down pyramid and you have two piles at the bottom. The object of the game is to make the cards add up to 13 to take them out of the deck.

A: Tut's Tomb is a variation of the classic game Pyramid. You can find it as one of the games in Pretty Good Solitaire under the name King Tut.

Q: What is the highest scored achievable in Microsoft Solitaire, using 3-card draw and standard scoring?

A: The highest possible score is 24113, including bonus points for time.

Q: Where can I find a solitare game called "golf"? †I can't find it anywhere and it was my favorite.

A: Golf is in Free Solitaire is also in Pretty Good Solitaire.

Q: My mom is always trying to win in Spider Solitaire but can never beat the game could you give me some stratigies to help her out.

A: The main strategies are to build mainly in suit so that you can move groups. Try to make empty spaces as quickly as possible, but don't fill those spaces with Kings (since you can't clear that space again easily). Use the empty spaces to help move cards around.

Q: Where did solitare come from and who invented it?

Nobody knows if one person invented solitaire. Some individual people have invented individual games over the years, but no one knows when or how solitaire originated. It dates back to at least the early 1800s, and it appears to have come from the Baltic region of Europe, but beyond that little is known.

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